Dr. Nerd Mom Substitute Teaching

Nearly all my colleagues at Starfleet Academy  have developed some sort of Tarkalean flu which we’ve now shared between ourselves and our students. In the absence of 24th century medical advances, many of my colleagues including myself have needed to take a few days off to get well. I therefore had the opportunity to teach a group of students whom I would normally have had very limited interactions with as a substitute professor. And it was a wonderful experience!

Unlike teaching on the first day of the semester where I generally feel like this I felt more like this. Because I KNEW I wouldn’t be working with these students every day for the rest of the term, I decided that I’d cover the appropriate course material and be more “free spirited” with my teaching style and techniques. More energetic. More goofy-fun. More classroom conversations with students. More stories to illustrate a point.

After class I thought to myself, “Why don’t I teach like this everyday?” And the only answer I could think of was that I was worried MY students wouldn’t like this more “exuberant” teaching style!

But these new students DID like this teaching style. They told their usual teacher how much they enjoyed my class the following week. 

Clearly I’ve been holding back. The moral of the story (for myself that is) is one of self-reflection: Be Brave. Blaze that trail, explore the final frontier, and be the teacher you want to be!

Stay health full time and adjunct faculty,

Dr. Nerd Mom

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